New Škoda Scala Facelift **March '24

What type of car is the Skoda Scala!

Lighter and more agile than many rivals in its class, Skoda Scala is a 5 door family hatchback and is available for sale at Noel Deasy Cars. Find the best selection new Scala models at our dealership, the only exclusive Skoda dealer for Cork City. Featuring the latest generation of Skoda TSI engines for improved fuel economy, the new Skoda Scala excites with peaky performance and excellent value together in this sleek and sporty shape.

Here at Noel Deasy Cars the Scala is our favourite family hatchback. It’s one of the most practical cars in its class, with a huge boot at lots of passenger space, and it gives the VW Golf a run for its money when it comes to ride, handling and build quality. It’s almost as good to drive as a Golf too, making great use of the Volkswagen Group’s MQB platform. Standard equipment is impressive with touchscreen infotainment and the option of digital dials or virtual Cockpit as a cost option.

Value is what impresses most with the Scala, though – all of this ability comes at a price that undercuts every version of the Golf and matches or undercuts most of its key rivals. It’s hard to recommend the VW Golf over a Skoda Scala unless you really want a little extra quality, polish and prestige; the Scala is so good it’s more than just a viable alternative.

How Spacious is the Scala?

Scala features a spacious cabin with room for 5 adults or children. Whether you’re hauling kids to football practice or gear to Cork countryside for camping, you’ll find a Scala spacious interior everything you need in a family hatchback.

How safe is the Scala?

When you buy a new Skoda Scala at Noel Deasy Cars, drive easy knowing your new Scala comes with a 5-star safety rating. The Euro Ncap test rated the Scala 97% in frontal collision and 87% in passeneger so its safe to sat that if you purchase one what you will get is one of the safest hatchback cars on the road. All cars boast a “Care Connect” feature that lets drivers contact emergency services with automatic ease when the vehicle’s airbags are deployed during a collision. It also comes with safety assistance features and automatic emergency braking. Full LED headlights are available on most models.

Scala Technology?

Drivers can access their smartphone’s features using Skoda's SmartLink system. Apple Car Play is standard on all models as is Android Auto and better still all the very latest cars get the wireless version with any cables. Here you can listen to Spotify or Tidal or your favourite podcast of use Google Maps. You can also avail of Google now or Siri through your phone its so safe and its a breeze to use. Scala is fully connected on the go through the my Skoda app and can provide satellite navigation that even includes Cork traffic reports on selected models Drivers can sync their smartphone to access contacts and make calls on the road using voice activation. There are different infotainment system size screens that come standard with Scala it varies from model to model.

Skoda Scala for Sale in Cork, Ireland

Find an excellent selection of Skoda Scala for sale at Noel Deasy Cars, Cork City’s only exclusive Skoda dealership. A top-rated choice in family-friendly choice with over 800+ reviews on Google. promise great fuel economy, agile performance, and must-have safety features.

Finance my Scala

You can finance your Scala at a very favourable rate of finance with our lending partners Volkswagen Bank (VWFS) Typical PCP Finance Offer can range from 0% to 5.9% depending on the time of year, supply and demand. HP finance is also available so why not call our Skoda finance team @ 021 4395024

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