ŠKODA Kodiaq Gen 2

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All New Škoda Kodiaq 2 with Plug in Hybrid and TDI options. Arriving June '24

How do you improve on something already that is almost perfect? Skoda has the unenviable task of crafting an all-new generation of its Kodiaq SUV that manages to be better than its predecessor as well maintaining its image as a sensible, practical maker of family-friendly cars.

This new-generation Kodiaq, then, has a lot resting on its shoulders. Skoda recently sold its three millionth SUV – a Kodiaq, obviously – and needs to keep that momentum up. So much so that this new generation promises to be roomier, plusher and more technologically advanced than before, without losing sight of Skoda’s core values. Tricky.

As you’d expect, Skoda’s really thought about this. It’s remained firmly in the user-friendly camp over the years, even as Group compatriot Volkswagen has willingly chucked out physical switchgear for touch panels and sliders – and it’s no different with the new Kodiaq. We anticipate the new Kodiaq 2 to be with us befire the summer. Pricing for the Irish market has not been announced yet so stay tuned!

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Lighter and more agile than many rivals in its class, Skoda Kodiaq, Ireland’s best-selling SUV, is available for sale at Noel Deasy Cars. Find the best selection of 7-seat Skoda Kodiaq vehicles at our auto dealership, the only exclusive Skoda dealer in Cork. Featuring a new generation of Skoda TDI engines and improved fuel economy, the new Skoda Kodiaq brings performance and excellent value together in this sleek and sporty vehicle. If you are thinking about buying a new 7 Seater you need to put the Skoda Kodiaq on your shortlist. The Kodaiq is the best selling 7 Seater SUV in Ireland and offers serious value-for-money for a seven-seat car.

The Kodiaq shares its MQB underpinnings with other VW Group vehicles, like the Seat Taracco and Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace. The Kodaiq ticks just every SUV box you'll ever need! The Kodiaq gets a 5 Star NCAP safety rating so its ideal for keeping your loves ones safe.

Better still the Kodiaq has best in class residual values and there is a choice of trim levels from the ever popular Ambition model to the Style thats comes with a raft of kit including Wireless Phone Charging, LED Matrix headlights,Heated Seats, full leather, Tri Zone Climate and much more. This car is also available in 4x4 guise. The Kodaiq Sportline is the range topping version in Ireland. Which Kodiaq is best? Well all that depends on the individual but the Sportline is our favorite as its blend of sportiness and practicality is hard to beat. Its also looks the part!

Product description

Kodiaq Engine and Fuel Economy

Customers can choose from five engine options: 1.5-litre and 2.0 litre turbocharged petrol engines and three 2.0-litre turbo-diesel engines. Choose an engine model that’s best suited to your driving style whether it’s town or country driving. Skoda Kodiaq also boasts surprisingly good fuel economy in spite of its seven seats and roughly 2.5 tonnes. Its fuel-efficient engine designs deliver reliable performance without burning through one’s petrol budget.

Family Friendly 7 Seat Skoda Kodiaq

Skoda Kodiaq features a large cabin with seven comfortable seats. Unlike other 7-seat SUVs in its class, the entry-level Kodiaq transforms easily to a five-seat design when you need extra cargo space. Whether you’re hauling kids to football practice or gear to Cork countryside for camping, you’ll find Kodiaq’s spacious interior everything you need in your new Skoda SUV.

Kodiaq Safety Rating

When you buy a new Skoda Kodiaq at Noel Deasy, drive easy knowing your new Kodiaq Active or Kodiaq Ambition comes with a 5-star safety rating. Kodiaqs also boast a “Care Connect” feature that lets drivers contact emergency services with automatic ease when the vehicle’s airbags are deployed during a collision. New Skoda Kodiaq SUVs also come with safety assistance features and automatic emergency braking. Matrix LED headlights are also available.

Kodiaq’s On-board Tech Features

Drivers can access their smartphone’s features using Kodiaq’s SmartLink system. Skoda’s savvy tech features vary depending on the Kodiaq model in question. Kodiaq is fully connected and can provide satellite navigation that even includes Cork traffic reports. Drivers can sync their smartphone to access contacts and make calls on the road using voice activation. There are different infotainment system size screens that come standard with Skoda Kodiaq models.

Skoda Kodiaq for Sale in Cork, Ireland

Find an excellent selection of Skoda Kodiaq for sale at Noel Deasy Cars, Cork City’s exclusive Skoda dealership. A top-rated choice in family-friendly SUVs, Kodiaqs promise great fuel economy, agile performance, and must-have safety features.

Finance My Skoda Kodiaq

Discover generous Kodiaq financing offers at Noel Deasy. Our auto dealership is synonymous with Skoda. We’ve been bringing the best Skoda deals to Cork since 2005. Want to “trade in my Kodaiq?” Drive in your old model and trade it in for a brand new Kodiaq. Did you know that we have the largest repair facility in Munster for Skoda autos? Visit us to learn about our Kodiaq parts exchange and Kodiaq service plan options. Noel Deasy offers a full lineup of aftermarket accessories and parts for Skoda vehicles like Kodiaq and Skoda Octavia.

Purchase a New Skoda Kodiaq in Cork

Find the best deals on Skoda Kodiaq offers at Noel Deasy Cars. Let’s discuss Kodiaq’s breakdown assistant and three-year warranty on new vehicles. Our family-owned business is eager to help you family find an SUV that suits your budget and lifestyle.

Is the Kodiaq reliable?

Definately. Like all Skoda models the Kodiaq is tough and relaible which makes them the perfect mode of transport for most families in Ireland. If you are in the market for a new Kodiaq give us a call on 021 4395024. We are based in Cork City and we are a family run business with over 42+ years experience.

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