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Ever wonder what it feels like to drive the future? Electric cars are gaining popularity for being faster and more efficient. This is because they offer a much cheaper and greener way to travel which makes them a perfect road buddy for those who choose to opt for an electric life. If you’re looking for an electric car in Cork, you’ll want to check out the new Skoda ENYAQ IV.

A Greener More Efficient Way of Driving

The ŠKODA ENYAQ is the first all-electric SUV and it’s now available to order in Ireland. With a range of up to (500+km) from a single charge, the ENYAQ IV is perfect for city driving and longer journeys too. The crystal face design will surely be a head-turner combined with dimensions that make parking a breeze.

The new SKODA ENYAQ IV also features a panoramic sunroof and head-up display which makes every detail of the SUV not only appealing but also functional. For a more powerful option the Electric SKODA ENYAQ IV 80 offers the most impressive range with up to 533 KM on a single charge. Not to mention the emission-free performance that makes it the ideal solution to lessen your carbon footprint.

How long will it take to charge my enyaq?

At home: the ŠKODA iV Chargeris our official AC wallbox and it is the best solution for regular charging at home. It is available in three equipment levels, from the basic one to the smart one and with power up to 11 kW, which is enough to recharge your iV car during the night. We provide you with professional installation, and on top of that the iV Charger will look great on the wall of your garage or house.

Slow Charging:If you decide not to buy an Elli Wallbox charger every enyaq comes standard with a Home Socket cable, 2 kW. For charging from a home socket you will need to use our portable charging cable, with power up to 2,3 kW. It is not recommended for daily charging, but it is a convenient way how to charge your iV car when visiting places with only standard domestic sockets. So if you’re visiting your friends or family, you’ll always have a chance to recharge.

Public: Which is recommended for Regular Public Charging (AC)11 kW

Charging by AC is not as fast as charging with DC. An electric car needs to change this AC (Alternating current) to DC, so charging may take longer. Public AC charging is useful when you go somewhere that you spend more time, such as work, or the shopping mall.

Fast Public Charging (DC)125 kW

Generally speaking, the DC charger will charge the battery up to 80% capacity in less than an hour. It is the fastest way to charge the electric vehicle. “DC“ means direct current, which is the same type of current used in the battery. This type of charging is ideal for long journeys, when you don't want to spend with it a lot of time.

These charging times are based on an Enyaq IV80, IV60 model will differ slightly.

Finance my Enyaq?

Ready to own your first EV or want to add SKODA ENYAQ to your electric car arsenal? Whatever the reason may be, we are here to help. Get in touch with us today and let us discuss the best financing options for you. Our lending partners Volkswagen Bank can help/

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Charging My Electric Car Has Never Been Easier

One of the concerns of many buyers is the hassle of charging an electric car. The good thing about SKODA ENYAQ iV is that it is fitted with an 11kW n-board charger for Type 2 AC charging. That means you can charge your electric car at home as easily as you would with a petrol or diesel car. Moreover, if you’re on the go, there are now plenty of fast-charging points around Ireland to charge your electric car quickly and easily.

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The exceptional, fully-electric ŠKODA ENYAQ iV is a breathtaking model that offers head-turning design and incredible performance in one complete package. From its unique Crystal Face - comprising 130 LED lights (Optional-Coming Soon) - to the panoramic sunroof, the plush interior to the Virtual Cockpit and Head-Up Display, every element of this SUV has been crafted to perfection. Then, of course, there’s the emissions-free performance on offer, with the iV 80 edition the most impressive of all, achieving a maximum range of up to 533 KM on a single charge. Discover more at Noel Deasy today. Book your test drive now!

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