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Welcome to Noel Deasy Cars Ltd where we proudly showcase the best Skoda models. Skoda has established itself as a leading automotive brand, renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology, and unmatched performance. Get ready to be amazed by the latest Skoda models in the range that combine style, comfort, and innovation like never before. For your new Škoda in Cork Ireland and exclusively Skoda in the City.

We have amazing deals on all new SKODA models . We carry the full range of new Skoda with many in stock

We have New car offers on the entire SKODA range of cars where you can buy a new SKODA from our showroom on the new Mallow road Blackpool. We can help you finance the following new Skoda models on both HP AND PCP Octavia, enyaq, fabia kodaiq,kodiaq superb ,karoq, kamiq

If you need a small car we can finance your new Fabia MPI or TSI or perhaps if you need a spacious hatchback, try the Scala a golf sized variant which is excellent value for money. If you need a car with a huge boot perhaps the always brilliant Octavia our flagship family car will fit the bill for you its available in petrol or diesel or even available in a plug-in hybrid PHEV. There is the RS Octavia also offered in a powerful 1.4 TSI PHEV or a 2.0 TSI 245 BHP or 200 BHP TDI ENGINE.If you love the outdoors and love sport the Octavia is a golfers dream but its also a firm favourite with fishing enthusiasts and the Skoda Octavia is a household name with cyclists thanks to the large boot. GAA fans also love the Octavia because you can fit so much sports equipment in the rear.

On the compact Crossover SUV scale, we have the ever popular Kamiq a car that gives you all the benefits of a real SUV for a fraction of the price and is readily available at our showroom in Blackpool. You can choose between Ambition and Style models with either 95 or 110 bhp petrol power options

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Offers on the Skoda SUV range are also plentiful with a choice of offers on both diesel and petrol models from ambition to style to Sportline in 2wd and 4wd models in Karoq and Kodiaq and with class leading APR rates on these models as well. If you are eco conscious, then there is only one choice in the Skoda range for a full electric vehicle and that is the beautifully brilliant Skoda Enyaq a fully electric CAR/ SUV. This vehicle is available with a 60 or an 80KW Battery and if you want more power and grip the twin motor version the 80x is the version you want. If Style is high on your list, then it must be the Sportline Enyaq for you!

Let’s not forget the brilliant Skoda Superb the flagship car in the Skoda range if you are looking for a limo like vehicle that can transport passengers of all shapes and sizes in extreme comfort then perhaps the Superb is the only car you’ll ever need! We have a brilliantly affordable finance package on this car. Call our sales team on 021 4395024 today for details on the entire Skoda range on check out our new car special offers page on our website.

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If you are in the market for a petrol or diesel car or Phev plug in hybrid or EV We at Noel Deasy cars can cater for all your needs. We have over 42 years’ experience in thew new car market and have an extremely high level of customer retention/repeat business in Cork Ireland. Finance is provided by way of Hire Purchase Agreement from Volkswagen Financial Services Ireland trading as ŠKODA Financial Services and subject to lending criteria. Terms and Conditions apply. If you are looking for an affordable loan to drive your dream car noel Deasy cars can make your dream car a reality. Maybe you need to upgrade your family car? We can help you spread the cost of any new car with HP/PCP Options, new or used. Noel Deasy Cars can help get you on the road with a minimal amount of fuss. If you are in the market for brand new Skoda vehicle, we are the people to talk to. We are Corks only Skoda dealer exclusive in Cork City.

We are a family run business serving corks motoring public since 1980 and we have over 800+ Google reviews with a rating of 4.8/5 so if you are thinking Skoda think Noel Deasy Cars Blackpool put us on your new car shopping lust you’ll be glad you did.

Request a quote to discuss the Skoda range of special offers, our dedicated experts can help guide you through your car buying journey. Alternatively, book a video appointment and we will set up a video call online. You can also talk to us face to face or see all the offers we currently have online. We have special offers on Fabia, Scala, Kamiq, Karoq, Kodiaq and Enyaq. We cater for the private individual or company fleet user.

Discover the Best New Skoda Models with Unparalleled Performance and Style. Explore the top new Skoda models at Noel Deasy Cars Cork Located in Blackpool. From innovative technology to exceptional performance, our range of Skoda vehicles is sure to impress. Visit us today and experience the thrill of driving a new Skoda model.

  1. Value for money: Skoda cars offer great value for money. They often provide a balance between price, features, and quality, making them an attractive choice for budget-conscious buyers.
  2. Build quality: Skoda cars are built to high standards and are known for their solid construction. They often share platforms and components with other Volkswagen Group brands, benefiting from advanced engineering and technology.
  3. Spaciousness and practicality: Skoda vehicles are known for their spacious interiors and clever storage solutions. Whether you need a family car with ample legroom and cargo space or a practical vehicle for everyday commuting, Skoda models often excel in offering practicality.
  4. Safety features: Skoda cars typically come equipped with a range of safety features, including multiple airbags, stability control, traction control, and advanced driver-assistance systems. These features contribute to enhanced safety for you and your passengers.
  5. Comfort and ride quality: Skoda vehicles are designed to provide a comfortable and smooth driving experience. They often offer well-tuned suspension systems, comfortable seating, and refined cabin interiors, allowing for a pleasant journey.
  6. Fuel efficiency: Skoda offers a range of vehicles with efficient engines, helping you save on fuel costs and reduce your environmental impact. Their lineup includes models with petrol, diesel, hybrid, and electric powertrains, catering to different preferences and needs.
  7. Warranty and aftersales support: Skoda typically offers competitive warranties and aftersales support, providing peace of mind and a level of assurance in case of any issues that may arise during ownership.

Ultimately, the decision to buy a new Skoda or any other car depends on your specific requirements, such as budget, desired features, performance, and personal taste. It's recommended to research and test-drive different models to determine which Skoda vehicle aligns best with your needs and preferences.

  1. Skoda Octavia : Redefining Elegance and Versatility: The Skoda Octavia has always been a symbol of elegance and practicality, and the 2023 model takes it to new heights. With its sleek design, spacious interior, and advanced features, the Skoda Octavia is perfect for those seeking a blend of style and versatility. Experience the joy of driving a car that combines comfort, performance, and efficiency.
  2. Skoda Superb : Uncompromised Luxury and Performance: The Skoda Superb continues to set the benchmark for luxury sedans, and the newest model raises the bar even higher. With its refined aesthetics, plush interiors, and powerful engine options, the Skoda Superb delivers an unparalleled driving experience. Immerse yourself in a world of comfort and sophistication as you command the road in this premium sedan.
  3. Skoda Kodiaq : Embrace Adventure and Practicality: For those with an adventurous spirit, the Skoda Kodiaq is the perfect SUV companion. The newest model offers a combination of ruggedness, versatility, and state-of-the-art technology. With its spacious cabin, off-road capabilities, and advanced safety features, the Skoda Kodiaq is ready to take on any journey while providing utmost comfort for you and your passengers.
  4. Skoda Fabia : Still compact Yet Dynamic: The Skoda Fabia has long been favored for its compact size and agile performance, and the current model launched in 2022 is no exception. This compact hatchback combines style, fuel efficiency, and innovative features to make city driving a breeze. Get behind the wheel of the Skoda Fabia and enjoy a nimble and fun driving experience without compromising on comfort or functionality.
  5. Skoda Electric Models : Driving the Future: Skoda is also leading the way in electric mobility. The lineup features exciting electric models, such as the Skoda Enyaq iV and Skoda Elroq coming in 2024. Experience the thrill of eco-friendly driving with these electric vehicles that offer impressive range, fast charging, and advanced technology. Embrace the future of transportation with Skoda's electric Enyaq and Elroq.

We are thrilled to present the best Skoda models not only at our showroom but fully online @ where you can buy a new skoda. From the elegance of the Octavia to the luxury of the Superb, the practicality of the Kodiaq, the agility of the Fabia, and the innovation of the electric models, Skoda continues to exceed expectations. Visit our dealership today and discover the perfect Skoda model that matches your style and driving preferences. Get ready for an unforgettable driving experience that combines performance, comfort, and cutting-edge technology. Drive a Skoda and elevate your journey to new heights in 2023 and beyond.

We are proud to present the latest Skoda models in Ireland and the standalone nSkoda dealer based in Cork City. From the elegant Octavia to the luxurious Superb, the adventurous Kodiaq, the dynamic Fabia, and the innovative electric models, Skoda continues to redefine automotive excellence. Visit our dealership today online or at our showroom and explore the new Skoda models that perfectly blend innovation, performance, and style. Get ready to embark on an extraordinary driving experience that reflects the exceptional craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology of Skoda. Drive a new Skoda and elevate your journey to new heights in Ireland.