Škoda Leasing

ŠKODA is a Top 10 selling car brand in Ireland and continues to win awards for its excellent model range. Fleet Managers continue to be impressed by the low running costs and high residual value associated with ŠKODA vehicles and fleet drivers love the amount of space and technology that’s available throughout the Škoda range.

Flexible Terms

Agreement lengths are available between 24 and 54 months allowing you to balance the monthly costs against the frequency of replacement.

One Up Front Payment

Choose from 1 or 3 months as your initial payment to maximise your company’s cash flow, while still maintaining affordable fixed monthly payments & no more residual value nightmares. An element of the VAT on rentals maybe recoverable by VAT registered Businesses. A proportion of rental maybe claimable as an expense against taxable profits.

Hassle Free Fleet Management

Less time managing your drivers to ensure they get their vehicles serviced or inspected and no need to handle unexpected invoices from multiple suppliers. The ŠKODA Financial Services Customer Support Team is here to manage your driver’s vehicle needs for you, leaving you with more time to grow your business. At the end of the term you have the option to hand the car back or select any new model from the range.

Risk Free Service and Maintenance

No risk of unexpected bills for servicing, wear and tear maintenance or tires as the full service package covers this when selected.

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