New Škoda Octavia for sale

Skoda Octavia for Sale at Noel Deasy Cars

The latest incarnations of Skoda Octavia have come to Cork, and they remain true to the Octavia’s family-friendly design and reliable practicality. But with their new generation of TDI engines, fuel economy, and other features, Skoda has amped up Octavia’s style, performance, and even safety features so that it now easily competes with upmarket brands like Audi and Mercedes. Before you buy a new Skoda Octavia at Noel Deasy Cars and take advantage of new Skoda offers, get to know why the Octavia has become the new darling of Ireland’s roadways.

Spacious Cabin and Boot

The roomy Skoda Octavia has become more comfortably spacious. Skoda understands its customer base and its needs. That’s why the manufacturer widened the Octavia’s axles to create a roomier cabin that includes more leg room as well as more boot room. The latest Octavia models feature additional space in length and width, which enhances interior comfort while providing more room for cargo.

Octavia Pep Under the Bonnet

From the Octavia RS to the Octavia VRS, Skoda Octavias cook under the bonnet. That is, they get plenty of pep without compromising their efficient motors. The new Octavia models feature a choice of four petrol and diesel engines, including a plug-in hybrid (Octavia Phev), each designed with impressive torque for both city and highway driving.

Skoda Octavia Safety Features

New Skoda Octavia models like the Octavia IV and Octavia TSI come standard with safety features that include: reversing camera, AEB pedestrian / cyclist detection, lane assist sensors, rear park sensors, and multi-collision brake. Premium models may feature safety features like Matrix LED headlights, adaptive cruise and lane guidance sensors, and emergency assist sensors. Octavia’s long-time reputation as a family vehicle is underpinned by its standard safety features; with its latest models, Octavia continues to deliver on its core safety values.

Octavia Style and Technology

The new Skoda Octavia features a classy interior that’s complemented by its onboard infotainment hub. The Octavia features a central hub within its dashboard that includes built-in navigation. There’s also an optional wireless charging pad and twin USB-C sports for added convenience. Drivers and passengers can access technology features with the My Skoda App or connect online. Use your smartphone to lock or unlock your new Octavia. Skoda also offers a subscription-based vehicle GPS tracking system for 12 months with all of its new Octavia models.

In addition to its tech upgrades, the new Octavia features a large storage compartment beneath its center armrest and dual cup holders for cruising with tea.

Skoda Octavia for Sale: Cork, Ireland

Noel Deasy Skoda features a wide selection of Octavia vehicles, including the Octavia IV, Octavia e-TEC, and Octavia Ambition. A first choice in family cars, Octavia fuel economy and Octavia boot size are just a few of the new models’ highlights. Our Skoda Cork dealership features the new Octavia sport line. Customers can take a test drive to see why Skoda has emerged as a leading economical auto with premium attributes.

Finance My Skoda Octavia

Noel Deasy Cars is known for our fair pricing and Octavia finance offers. We’ve also been synonymous with Skoda–especially Octavia–since 2005. Ready to “trade in my Octavia” for a new model with outstanding residual value? Drive your old model Octavia to our Cork dealership to discuss our generous trade options. We can also discuss our Octavia part exchange, Octavia service plan options, and more. We have the largest repair center in Munster for Skoda vehicles. We stock the full range of aftermarket parts and accessories for all Skoda Octavia models.

New Octavia for Sale Cork

Discover the terrific benefits of a new Skoda Octavia like its three-year warranty and breakdown assistant at Noel Deasy Cars, the only exclusive Skoda dealership in Cork City. Let our family-owned business help you find a family car that suits your needs and budget.

The ŠKODA Octavia is not just roomy and functional, it looks good, too. The front of the car is assured and confident thanks to an emphasis on horizontal lines. The side profile has become markedly more dynamic when compared to its predecessor. This is down to the long wheelbase as well as to the shortened front overhang and a C pillar pulled far backwards.