Škoda Tyre Warranty

What is ŠKODA Tyre Warranty?

Not even high-quality tyres are entirely resistant to the pitfalls which may await you on the road. Whether caused by nails or sharp kerbs and stones, tyres are often damaged to such an extent, that you have no choice but to replace them. So, in order to keep ruined tyres from leaving you out-of-pocket, we bring you the ŠKODA Tyre Warranty scheme.

How do I get ŠKODA Tyre Warranty?

A tyre warranty will be created automatically when you purchase tyres at an authorised Brand Dealer. Warranties are FREE and are provided for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase for each tyre individually.

How does the process work?

When visiting an authorised ŠKODA partner you must:

  • Produce the original invoice for the purchase of your tyres
  • In cooperation with ŠKODA Ireland the trading partner will assess the warranty case
  • Once approved, the customer will receive a proportionate reimbursement of the value of the tyre.

If the model of the tyre is unavailable, the customer will receive a new model of tyre, but only one tyre (note: there must always be the same model of tyre on one axle).

What amount can I claim under ŠKODA Tyre Warranty?

The following summarises the procedure for calculating the percentage of reimbursement you will receive:

  • 12 months – 100%
  • Between 12 & 24 months – 75%
  • Less than 3mm – 0%

What does ŠKODA Tyre Warranty cover?

Only those tyre defects that cannot be repaired

  • Sidewall puncture
  • Kerb damage
  • Blow out (As a result of the above)
  • Vandalism
  • Mounting of the new tyre and tyre disposal charge

What does ŠKODA Tyre Warranty not cover?

  • Paraxial tyre replacement
  • Tyre failure as a result of normal wear
  • Damage where thread depth is below 3mm