Breakdown & Roadside Assistance In Cork

365 days a year

All new Škoda vehicles purchased in the Republic of Ireland from an Authorised Škoda Dealer such as Noel Deasy Cars Ltd in Cork come with 3-years Roadside Assistance as standard.


Volkswagen Assistance is a free and comprehensive motoring assistance service for all new Volkswagen models. Created to perfectly compliment your vehicle’s full two year unlimited mileage warranty.


If your vehicle is out of manufacturer’s warranty, please call the number below and quote Noel Deasy cars.



Ardfallen Motorcare Tel: 021 43 22 999 (during office hours, for all matters)

24h Tel: 087 2556675 (after office hours, for roadside assistance)

Roadside Assistance in Ireland – Safety Tips from Noel Deasy Cars Ltd.:

In the unlikely event of requiring roadside assistance with your new Škoda or VW vehicle, we recommend following a number of precautionary measures. Please note that this list only covers certain scenarios and is intended to be a safety guide only.

What to do if you breakdown

  • Look out for a safe place to park your car by pulling off the main road.
  • Switch on the hazard warning lights.
  • Remain calm and gather your thoughts before calling for help.
  • We recommend putting on a high-visibility reflective vest before getting out of your vehicle and being aware of any traffic around you.
  • Place a breakdown warning triangle on the road at a minimum distance of 45 metres (147 feet) behind your broken down vehicle on the same side of the road, to advise other drivers of imminent danger. Take extra care when placing a warning triangle behind your vehicle. DO NOT use a warning triangle on a motorway.
  • Keep your sidelights switched on if visibility is poor or you break down at night.
  • Lock the car doors and call for help from your mobile phone or nearby payphone.

What to do if you breakdown on a motorway

  • Pull onto the hard shoulder of the motorway, as big of a distance away from the inside lane as possible and turn your front wheels towards the hard shoulder.
  • If there’s an emergency phone along the motorway, try and stop close to it.
  • Switch on your hazard warning lights.
  • Keep your sidelights switched on if visibility is poor or you break down at night.
  • Use the passenger side to get out of your car. We also recommend putting on a high-visibility reflective vest before getting out of your vehicle.
  • Make sure passengers stay away from the motorway and that your children or on-board pets are not endangering themselves.
  • If there is an emergency phone on your side of the motorway, use it to call the police for free, who will know where you are automatically (follow the arrows on the posts at the back of the hard shoulder).
  • Always face oncoming traffic whilst on the emergency or mobile phone.
  • After phoning for help, walk back to your vehicle and wait a safe distance from the motorway.
  • If you feel at risk because you are travelling alone, wait in the front passenger seat with the doors locked. If a stranger approaches, wind down your window slightly to start a conversation with them. We recommend to only unlock the car door once you’re certain that they are genuine and will help you.
  • When rejoining traffic on the motorway after a breakdown, accelerate on the hard shoulder and look out for a safe gap in the traffic. Make sure there are no other vehicles stopped on the hard shoulder ahead of you.

Happy and safe motoring from Noel Deasy Cars Ltd!